About The Firm

Hallstrom Law Group attorneys are widely recognized for:

  • Accessibility. Fostering long-term relationships is integral to the firm’s practice. Attorneys take the time to understand clients’ objectives, discuss options and then partner with them to devise an appropriate defense strategy. Open communication is paramount.
  • Courtroom skill. We are a firm of trial lawyers. About 40 percent were settled during trial, and of the rest, 95 percent brought successful results for our clients.
  • Adaptability. Our attorneys are always prepared to take a case to trial. Adversaries know this, which permits us to negotiate from a position of strength. Client budgets and objectives guide us in determining whether to proceed to trial or negotiate a favorable settlement.
  • Innovative strategies. Our focus on insurance and defense litigation affords our lawyers the knowledge and resources to craft creative solutions to some of the most complex issues.



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